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the rest of it. - you wanna bet? - i have to know. - no, mr. monk, please. mr. monk, please. - it's my book. let me see it. let me see it! what are you doing? - it's for your own good. - that's $87. is this mastercard or-- - do you take cash? - sure, yeah, cash will do. - 85, 86, 87. - great. do i know you? - no, you do not. - okay, room eight is just up those stairs. [gunshots] hello, i'm at the safari inn near the airport. somebody's been shot.
. egg-and-dart custom trim. mirrors or looking glasses -- you can't beat it in the bathroom. i bet suzy will like it. now let's go take a look at another looking glass that we'll make back at the woodshop. prior to about 1860, mrors were called looking glasses, because that's what you do with them -- you look at things. well, look at this beautiful chippendale mirror. it tells a story -- a very interesting story. when you go to buy antiques, i want you to be very eptical. i want you to start looking for what is called a marriage. it's where something that looks a ttle bit out of place, like this bottom treatment to the frame, because the color is off ever so slightly, or the top pediment being just a little bit too good, because if this mirror was dated back to the 1760s of chippendale style, which this is, there should have been more damage to that. nothing can survive with all that scrolled tail without damage. so look at antiques with a critical eye. look for the color or the tina. if it's off a bit, chances are you don't have an authentic antique right there. so this chippendale fra
you think of the president's speech, i bet you liked it. >> shockingly, yes. i had a different reaction. i've read what you've written about it, and certainly there has been some discussions since the president gave the speech. i didn't see it as a partisan speech because there was nothing in there that didn't speak to what the majority of the american people voted on and support. whether it's, you know, addressing the threats of climate change, global warming. keeping our kids safe at school. giving, you know, a poor girl the same opportunity as somebody else in her generation who was born into wealth. it was about going back to our founding principles-- justice, fairness-- and attacking our big challenges. and the president did say in the speech we don't have to debate-- you know, we don't have to solve the centuries-long debate over the role of government in our society. but we can find place where's there is common ground, and there are plenty of places where there is common ground. >> schieffer: certainly, it was historic when he said what he said about the next step basic
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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